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We are committed to enhancing children’s wellbeing through mindfulness with our ever growing product range. Allow us to help your children develop a growth mindset, know their self-worth, discover their inner world, love and accept themselves deeply, and so much more! 

Nima's Story

As a psychology graduate, conscious parenting coach, and former primary school teacher with a family background of over 30 years’ experience in early years education, Nima noticed there was a lack of mindfulness being taught within the school curriculum. She quickly recognised that there was not enough emphasis placed on children’s mental health, which she believes is fundamental in nurturing their emotional well-being.

Through her own personal challenges and having lost her father very suddenly, Nima suffered from high levels of anxiety, which took a toll on her overall mental health. She realised the importance of dealing with emotions healthily to feel happy inwardly. She began to express her emotions through journaling and blog writing (ByNima) to help and support others, and found the process deeply healing. 

The Birth of Mindful Champs

Through daily mindfulness practices, especially gratitude and self-love, she has been able to face her challenges in a more conscious way. Nima regularly attends Mindfulness workshops to continually expand her knowledge in this area, and of course evolve and grow as an individual herself. 

Combining her two passions in life, mindfulness and teaching, she has passionately created the brand Mindful Champs, with a mission to enhance children’s well-being through mindfulness. Living in a society in which individuals place their self-worth on external markers, mental health issues are at an all-time high.

Laying a Strong Foundation for Children to Build on

By practicing Mindfulness with children from an early age, Nima believes it can promote a range of benefits, from self-love to emotional regulation – all of which are necessary tools that can be used as blueprints to carry children into their adult years. Nima strongly believes that these concepts should be taught at an early age to really instil an empowered sense of self into young children – after all, they are the leaders of tomorrow.

In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just being.


Conscious Parenting 

Certified by renowned parenting expert, Doctor Shefali, Nima is passionate about spreading the wisdom of conscious parenting to the world through her coaching, and in turn helping to enrich relationships between parents/carers and their children. Conscious Parenting turns the traditional parenting paradigm on its head and focuses on raising the parent’s consciousness and growth, before raising the child. This method helps parents deconstruct how culture and the way they were raised influences the way they parent. It helps them identify what is blocking them from tuning in to themselves so they can be guided to resolve these blockages, and in turn fully connect with their child.

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