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I had recently purchased the Adult Journal for my sister as a gift and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it arrived following my order. The journal itself has clearly been created with thoughtful detail and design which proved to be a great gift. I had requested a special note with my order and it was so nice to see it handwritten which added a more personal touch. Absolutely great, and I’m looking forward to purchasing this again for the next person I find this would benefit. Thank you!


Absolutely brilliant! I bought these as gifts for my neice and nephew and what a wonderful way for them to journal their thoughts & develop themselves. I recommend to all x

Sabina Ranger

I’ve just purchased the reflection journal, I’m a typical guy, not always organised and since I lost my dad…lacking in motivation. I think the sentiment with all of these products is to help people. Which is lovely and I definitely think you can’t go wrong purchasing a product from someone with good intentions. I’m definitely hoping this gives me a sense of order. The affirmations look very positive. Wish you all the best in your business endeavours! Keep up the good work!

Nimesh Gopal

My sister gifted me the daily reflection journal for Christmas and I love it. It’s really nice to reflect on your day and the motivational quotes help you to keep a positive mindset. Would defo recommend!


I bought the mindful Journal for adults as a Xmas present at the pop up in John Lewis for a friend but loved it so much I could not part ways! Aesthetically pleasing on the night stand and magical inside! Builds amazing, healthy habits for the mind! Very happy 🙂


I have been using the daily reflection journal for a few weeks now and it’s the first time I’ve actually stuck to daily journalling. I love the focus and reflection time it gives me everyday and definitely feel the small changes it’s bought to me everyday. Looking forward to sticking with it this year!

Rashmine Sethi

I bought the adult journal as a gift and was very pleased when it arrived. It looks beautiful and the contents are well thought out. I think the person I want to give it to will enjoy it so much.


Finding a Birthday Gift for a niece can be so difficult every year round. During her early years, she was diagnosed with PWS – I was looking to purchase a gift that was exciting but educational at the same time.

I came across Mindful Champs – I really loved the creations that were advertised on the website. The day the puzzle was launched, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. It was the perfect moment to purchase the item for a special birthday.

I have to say this positive affirmation puzzle is perfect for the early years. They can be used in many ways to incorporate learning through child-led and adult-led activities. My little niece has began to develolp her language skills through play by imitating words & able to complete the puzzle independently. Most importantly it has improved her social interaction skills & cognitive development. I highly recommend to purchase the ‘A-Z I love me’ affirmation puzzle – brilliant way to extend your child’s learning, you shall not be disappointed.

Finally, the service was excellent, delivery was fast and the packaging omg absolutely amazing. My niece absolutely loved the Monkey Logo.


We have purchased a couple of journals before from different places but my child never committed to it. I have been following Mindfulchamps for a while and finally decided to purchase her journal. For almost three months now my 7year old daughter has used her journal every day and it has become one of our routines before bedtime. It has really helped her express herself and she is beginning to think of her own daily quotes 😊. In her own words “Mum this journal has changed my life!” Thank you Mindful Champs for this wonderful product ❤️


My son absolutely loves his journal. It has been a big game changer in his attitude and emotional regulation.
Completing his journal has slotted in easy to his evening routine and it has opened up conversations with him and us – helping him communicate more effectively about how his day has gone. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Posie's Book Club

The grief journal has truly been a god send! My nephew who is 9 has been suffering and going through a difficult time, you’d be surprised at the sad things he use to say about life and his insecurities, when you released this grief journal, it was one of those moments “wow I need to buy this” the concept made so much sense to me. My nephew has finally started opening up about his emotional stress he had been facing in school, the bullying and from that snowballed his insecurities. I feel such a change in his character and he seems more open to talk about the things kids these days hide the most… he says he feels more confident and happier than before and takes such pride in writing in his journal. He even tells me his positive “quote of the day” from the journal 😊

It’s about helping kids open up and deal with different types of grief, that can happen at such an early age and go unnoticed. I honestly believe you have published something truly amazing!


I think the grief journal is a brilliant tool to supporting young people with a bereavement! You have captured essential grounding techniques, mindfulness strategies and gratuity skills wonderfully throughout the journal. I like that you draw upon the Kubler Ross model of grief to psycho-educate young people on the stages of grief and as a result, I think there are a lot of transferrable skills that are shared in the journal which would equip young people to be more resilient to subsequent loss in life whether or not it stems from a bereavement. Overall, I think the journal would support young people to be more self-aware, resilient and psychologically minded. Keep up the great work!

Kirith Klair - Psychotherapist at IKON Fostering

In a world where external values are becoming ever more important than internal, I was pleased to see I could gift a book to my nephew, that would help develop himself into a confident and positive individual. Personally enjoyed the quotes of the day and helping him create his own. Great layout that is easy to use. Highly recommended!


I just wanted to say I bought your journal for my 4 year old and honestly, she LOVES it. We do it every night and it has helped her gather her thoughts more before she acts. I never realised how important this kind of thing was for children this young. Thanks again – your work is amazing and inspiring!

Riah (Mum)

I bought the Mindful Me journal and love it! It’s not your standard gratitude journal, but instead has different activities for Jacob to complete everyday so he doesn’t get bored. I love the self-love challenges the most! I’ve had quite a few parent friends asking about it already and I’ll be encouraging them to get a copy of it!

Jussi Sidhu

I work in schools as a mentor and the Mindful Champs Journal has been a fantastic support tool for my students. These students often struggle to manage their feelings and emotions but this journal has helped them develop an understanding on how to articulate these in a healthier way. I would highly recommend this to education institutions, practitioners and parents. I love the simplicity of the journal and it’s easy to use feel.

Trishan Patel

My girls LOVE their mindful me journals!! It is so simple and yet so powerful. Although Laura is only 6, we want her to develop a positive spirit and feel confident and grateful. I’ve recommended it to my friends too!

Maria Monteiro

Ethan started to write in his journal this week and it has been encouraging him to practice gratitude, think about how he has been feeling and things he has done that make him proud. It’s really lovely. I love how it makes him focus on different things everyday so he can keep feeling enthusiastic to continue filling it in.


Since the day Isabella has opened her journal, she has filled it in religiously. I don’t even remind her to write in it, she just does it everyday! She really loves the positive quote of the day and that it allows you to think of your own quotes. I really like that it helps her to focus on good things that have happened in the day and the things she is grateful for rather than dwelling on the things she is worried about.


I bought the mindful me journal as a gift for my nephew to help him with expressing emotions, being more grateful, confident and understanding himself better. He is really enjoying using it. I think it’s such a great present for birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, Eid xx

Chandni Mistry

Mindfulness and gratitude helped me to get through some very dark times. Teaching these skills to my children is very important to me. Thank you for this wonderful journal. It means more than you realise.

Hayley Lewis

We received our journals today Nima, they are absolutely fab!! Uriah loves it so much! The handwritten note stole my heart! You’ve created something special you should be so so proud! I’m going to be placing another order for a friend!

Dorothy Ashimolowo

The Mindful Me journals are brilliant books which the children religiously complete everyday.  They are good because they don’t only account for the negative aspects of the day, but also encourage the children to reflect on the positives of each day. The children take great pride in their personal journals and enjoy filling them out. I think they should become a national journal for every child to have! We’ve placed our order for the Grief Journals and I’m really excited to have these introduced to our children too. Nima you are doing an absolute marvellous job in supporting the psychological mindedness of the future generations.

Kirith Klair (Ikon Fostering Agency)

My daughter is loving the journal and it’s the first thing in the morning that she talks about! Thank you!

Bhavesh Sonigra

Noah has been using his journal and he loves it! He writes down how he is feeling about that particular day and takes some time to reflect. I think it’s an important life skill: reflection. I’m glad Noah has the opportunity to start learning this from an early age!

Sonia Constant

Your Journal arrived today and we absolutely love it! What a fantastic book! It’s so well-thought out, and we love how there’s a different activity for every day. You should be really proud of it. We’d love to stock it!

Paul Young at Live Spiffy (Stockist)

Ben finally started his book xx first day on Monday he said he likes it because he can reflect on his day and it helps with his feelings. Thank you Nima it’s a wonderful thing you have started and I hope it goes far for you. And helps many children like my son xx

Vicki Eato

The girls were so excited when they received their Mindful Me Journals that they started writing in them straight away. I’ve never seen them more eager to write. They have been feeling quite emotional lately. I think it has been the homeschooling getting to them. These journals have been great for them to focus on gratitude and self-love. Love them!

Nicole - Mum of triplets

Absolutely love the poster! I purchased it for a new Mummy for the nursery of the little one! She loves it – it’s the perfect gift!

Julie Rose

The journal is amazing – I love it!!! It is straight forward and gets Aryan thinking in a different way! I’ve also learnt some new things about him too, which I am loving! I don’t get to have that much one to one time with my boy so this has now become like our little time together! The layout is so simple and easy – straight to the point yet informative! Highly recommend!

Kavita Patel

A great way to bond with your children! My daughter is loving it! It’s been super easy for her to use and she is more grateful every single day. The journal is helping to teach her better values, affirmations and so much more! It’s been amazing as a parent for me to have an insight into her mind! I love it!

Heer Soni

My daughter, Aashi, has been using the Mindful Me journal for a week now and is still going strong. We did the self love challenge yesterday and I literally loved it. Aashi looked so happy afterwards too! When we were filling out the daily gratitude sections, she mentioned she likes drawing with Daddy so my husband made more of an effort to draw with her as he wasn’t aware of this. I would highly recommend this for anyone with young children looking to help them build self love and confidence!

Chandni Vaja

This is little message to say a BIG thank you for this journal! I bought it for my 9 year old son who sometimes struggles with his “big” emotions! The journal has helped him so much and I can really see a difference in him. He is more expressive and he looks forward to filling it out at the end of the day! We will definitely purchase another one after this one is finished!!

Laura Hopkins

My daughter is really enjoying using the journal, especially the weekend challenges of self love and gratitude! She’s getting quicker at filling it in everyday and it actually excites her! Thank you so much!

Anshu Saggar