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Zoom Flashcards Bundle
Zoom Flashcards Bundle
Zoom Flashcards Bundle

The flash cards are superb. They've been a powerful tools in helping my daughter with her confidence and positive outlook.

Flashcards Bundle


Ages 4+

Teacher Tested

FSC Sustainably Sourced Paper

UKCA Certified


  • Character Matters Flashcards (4+ years)
  • Mindset Matters Flashcards (4+ years)

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Flashcards Bundle


Flashcards Bundle Benefits

Positive Self-Image

Positive statements that emphasise a child's strengths, capabilities, and uniqueness, can contribute to building a positive self-image.

Character Development

Learning about positive character traits helps children develop strong moral foundations.

Resilience and Growth Mindset

By facing emotions through journaling, children can develop healthy coping skills as well as see their challenges as opportunities for growth.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Increased confidence and self-esteem by providing a private space to acknowledge and celebrate strengths, successes, and unique qualities.

Product Information

Flashcards Bundle

Mindset Matters Flashcards

Affirmations are helpful, motivational statements that help children to build a positive self-image, boost self-esteem and interrupt negative thinking patterns. These cards can be used to positively kick start the day, when challenging situations arise or whenever you like!

This deck includes 35 double sided cards which have been split into colour categories, with a special focus on the following areas:

  • Self-Love
  • Growth Mindset
  • Gratitude
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety Relief

Character Matters Flashcards

These cards are great to get children thinking, learning, and talking about the kind of person they want to be. As children practise skills that promote character development, they build a reservoir of strength that they can draw on throughout their lives. Confidence, determination, resilience, and honesty are some examples of character traits that can sustain children at home, at school, and in the big world out there.

This pack features 26-character traits which include: Adventurous, brave, caring, co-operative, confident, creative, determined, fair, forgiving, friendly, generous, good listener, grateful, honest, kind, open-minded, optimistic, patient, polite, proactive, reflective, resilient, respectful, responsible, thoughtful, and unique.

Each A6 card also has colourful illustrations, character trait examples and question prompts on the back to help children understand each trait in more depth.

Product Reviews

I love that these cards teach kids that they can encourage and affirm themselves, they don’t always have to rely on others to do it for them!


Of all the cards to buy, these are my favourite. Colourful, informative, and come with prompts you will actually use with your kids.


These cards are so unique and will be super useful in my classroom! They are thoughtful and well-designed, I can't say enough about these cards.

Holly Chaggar


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