Empowering children to discover their inner world.

Our products inspire children to foster positive, healthy, and mindful practices, resulting in the development of happy, compassionate, confident, and emotionally resilient children!


Helping Children Develop
Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions, positive and negative, are like an internal compass that help guide us. Daily reflection practices, such as journaling, can help children to get attuned to listening to their emotions so they can develop emotional intelligence and make the best choices for themselves. 

Benefits of Mindfulness For Children

With approximately 60,000 thoughts entering our minds daily (yes, daily!), being mindful allows us to ground ourselves and be fully present in the moment so that we do not become overly overwhelmed with what’s going on around us. 

If children are given fundamental mindful tools and practices at an early age, it can be profoundly beneficial for their mental health and overall well-being. 

8 Benefits of Mindfulness

Builds self-esteem and confidence

Improves concentration & focus

Improves emotional regulation

 Better understanding of own feelings

Better able to solve problems

Reduces stress and anxiety levels

 Improves social skills and relationships

Feel happier and calmer overall

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Meet Henry, the Mindful Champ Chimp!

Henry is excited to get lots of children started on their mindfulness journey with Mindful Champs! With lots of insights to share, Henry can’t wait to reveal fun activities, tools and practices that children will love!