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Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)
Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)
Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)
Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)
Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)
Zoom My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)

Excellent journals! They are well thought out and effective. As a GP, I have recommended them to many patients and friends who have found them helpful.

My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)


Teacher Tested

3-Month Journal

Nurture Happy Minds

FSC Sustainably Sourced Paper

  • Daily journal which includes fun illustrations and free writing spaces for children to get creative
  • For children aged 3-6 years
  • 3 month journal
  • Size: 24cm x 16.8cm

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My Mindful Me Journal (Early Years Edition)


Journal Benefits

Develop Self-Awareness

Journaling provides a structured outlet for expressing and reflecting on thoughts and emotions, thus increasing self-awareness.

Manage Emotions Healthily

Children learn to express and articulate their feelings better, promoting a healthy understanding of their emotions and ways to manage them.

Resilience and Growth Mindset

By facing emotions through journaling, children can develop healthy coping skills as well as see their challenges as opportunities for growth.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Increased confidence and self-esteem by providing a private space to acknowledge and celebrate strengths, successes, and unique qualities.

Product Information

My Mindful Me Journal (EYFS Edition)

The Mindful Me journal is a daily journal for children aged from 3 to 6, based on positive psychology research evidence suggesting that journaling is strongly linked with greater happiness, better mental health, and overall well-being.

Written and designed specifically for early years children, this journal is broken down into simple daily reflection practices, such as gratitude, feelings check-in, character building prompts and weekly thought-provoking discussion questions.

The Mindful Me journal will help children to build self-awareness as well as to communicate, recognise, and express their feelings in a healthy way which will empower them to feel confident, relish good experiences, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships with themselves and, as a result, others too.

Product Reviews

Noah has been using his journal and he loves it! He writes down how he is feeling about that particular day and takes some time to reflect. I think it’s an important life skill: reflection. I’m glad Noah has the opportunity to start learning this from an early age!


This is a little message to say a BIG thank you for this journal! I bought it for my 9-year-old son who sometimes struggles with his “big” emotions! The journal has helped him so much and I can really see a difference in him. He is more expressive and he looks forward to filling it out at the end of the day! We will definitely purchase another one after this one is finished!!

Laura Hopkins

I bought your journal for my 4-year-old and honestly, she LOVES it. We do it every night and it has helped her gather her thoughts more before she acts. I never realised how important this kind of thing was for children this young. Thanks again – your work is amazing and inspiring!



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