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Ages 6-10

A 5-Minute Daily
Journal to Empower Young Minds!

My Mindful Me Journal provides a safe space for children to express their thoughts and feelings freely, helping them to navigate the ups and downs of growing up with resilience, and confidence.
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Does your child lack confidence and self-esteem?

Through activities like affirmations and self-love challenges, My Mindful Me Journal empowers children to recognise their strengths, celebrate their achievements, and build a strong sense of self-worth.
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Take a Peak Inside

Growing up is tough!

Our children will face all sorts of people and situations that might impact their self-esteem and mental health. But as parents, we can equip them with the tools to thrive despite these challenges!

With just 5 minutes a day using the Mindful Me Journal, activities like gratitude practice and checking in on their feelings can help our children feel strong, positive, and ready to take on anything life throws their way!

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Journal Benefits

Develop Self-Awareness

Journaling provides a structured outlet for expressing and reflecting on thoughts and emotions, thus increasing self-awareness.

Manage Emotions Healthily

Children learn to express and articulate their feelings better, promoting a healthy understanding of their emotions and ways to manage them.

Resilience and Growth Mindset

By facing emotions through journaling, children can develop healthy coping skills as well as see their challenges as opportunities for growth.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Increased confidence and self-esteem by providing a private space to acknowledge and celebrate strengths, successes, and unique qualities.

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Mindful Kids Bundle

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My Mindful Me Journal


Mindset Matters Flash Cards


A4 Affirmation Poster


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Sneak Peak of the Mindset Matters Cards

With the Mindful Kids Bundle, empower your child to:

  • Build unshakeable confidence
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Find things to be grateful for
  • Cultivate self-awareness
  • Develop social awareness and empathy for others
  • Identify and manage emotions better
  • Enhance communication skills

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Excellent products for nurturing young minds. They are well thought out and effective. As a GP, I have recommended them to many patients and friends who have found them helpful.

Doctor Lail
Zoom The Mindful Kids Bundle
Zoom The Mindful Kids Bundle
Zoom The Mindful Kids Bundle
Zoom The Mindful Kids Bundle

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The Mindful Kids Bundle


Teacher Tested

Develop Positive Habits

Happy Minds

Foster Emotional Literacy

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The Mindful Kids Bundle


Mindful Champs Founder

Meet Nima Patel

Nima Patel is a psychology graduate, conscious parenting coach, children’s author and former primary school teacher, with a family background of over 30 years’ experience in early years education. During her time as a teacher, she had noticed there was a lack of mindfulness being taught within the school curriculum, as well as very little emphasis being placed on emotionally educating children — which, she believes, is fundamental in nurturing their long-term mental health.

While academic knowledge is crucial, Nima believes developing emotional intelligence equips children with the tools to navigate and thrive in a complex world. By understanding and managing their emotions, they develop resilience, empathy, and self-awareness, essential qualities for building healthy relationships and dealing with setbacks. Nurturing these skills from an early age will inevitably instil an empowered sense of self into young children and act as a blueprint to confidently carry them into their adult years — because, after all, they will be the leaders of tomorrow.


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