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Excellent journals! They are well thought out and effective. As a GP, I have recommended them to many patients and friends who have found them helpful.

My Grief Journal


Teacher Tested

Ages 6+


Grief and Loss Support

Colour: Lilac
  • A5 journal
  • Debossed hardback cover with soft touch finish
  • Aged 6-13 years (Suggested age range only. May be used by younger and older children)
  • Includes ribbon bookmark
  • Includes motivational stickers

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My Grief Journal


what's inside

Grief Journal Benefits


Journaling provides a structured outlet for expressing and reflecting on thoughts and emotions, thus increasing self-awareness.

Coping Mechanism

Children can channel their grief into a constructive and personal outlet, reducing the emotional burden they may carry.

Manage Emotions Healthily

Children learn to express and articulate their feelings better, promoting a healthy understanding of their emotions and ways to manage them.

Mental Health Support

Research suggests that expressive writing can have positive effects on emotional well-being and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Product Description

My Grief Journal

Death can be an extremely challenging concept to explain to children and each child will express how they are feeling in surprisingly divergent ways. This can come down to personality as well as developmental age. The Grief Journal is designed to not only help connect to children after a loss, but also to aid them to gradually go through their grief process in a loving and gentle way.


Written and designed specifically for children, this journal is broken down into simple activities, aimed to help them understand what grief is and comfort them after losing a loved one.

Filled with touching and inspiring prompts, children are gently encouraged to explore their emotions, say things that were left unsaid, and be grateful for the memories they are now left with.

Product Reviews

IKON Foster Home - I think the Grief Journal is a brilliant tool for supporting young people with bereavement! It captures essential grounding techniques, mindfulness strategies and gratuity skills wonderfully throughout the journal. I like that you draw upon the Kubler Ross model of grief to psycho-educate young people on the stages of grief and as a result, I think there are a lot of transferrable skills that are shared in the journal which would equip young people to be more resilient to subsequent loss in life whether or not it stems from a bereavement. Keep up the great work!

Foster Home

My niece takes her Grief Journal to the cemetery and works on it. I had no idea she felt a certain kind of way and I couldn't even describe grief to her because I'm still trying to figure it out for myself. It has really helped her, and in a strange way, it's also helped me!

Paty George

The grief journal has truly been a godsend! My nephew has finally started opening up about the emotional stress he had been facing in school and the bullying, and from that snowballed his insecurities. I feel such a change in his character! It’s about helping kids open up and deal with different types of grief that can happen at such an early age and go unnoticed. I honestly believe you have published something truly amazing!



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